Chloe Replica Bags Price And Quality Comparison

Chloe Replica Bags Price And Quality Comparison

I was lucky enough to receive photos of three Chloe replica bags, all listed at different ranges of price and in different quality. Seeing the photos side by side makes it easier to tell which of the is the best replica.

The first two Chloe Drew replica bags come from the same seller on Aliexpress. He claims that the price of his Chloe replica bags vary depending on the quality and I have to agree. There are clear quality differences between the two Chloe replica bags. The first one costs £89 while the second one costs £160. So the price is almost double. Is the price difference worth it? I’m not convinced it is.

But the third Chloe Drew fake is even more expensive, priced at £230 Is this one worth the price? Well, the bag is good but I think you can find a Chloe Drew bag replica with similar quality for a better price. But all in all, this was money well spent.

I checked the leather, the stamps, the lining and the hardware for each of these bags and here is what I noticed.
Chloe Drew Replica Bags Review

The stamp is very bad for the grey one, I don’t think I need to explain why, because the picture is extremely relevant. It’s messy, crooked and unclear.

The stamp of the blue one is embossed. But the logo stamp under the flap should actually be printed with gold letters, not embossed. This is one of the biggest flaws of the blue Chloe Drew.

The stamp of the black Chloe Drew is definitely the best out of the three but it’s not perfect either. The biggest problem with it is that the accent aigu on “e” does not have the signature shape.

The color of the lining is the same for the first two bags, a bit too yellow-ish if you ask me. The third Chloe Drew has a beautiful beige suede lining that actually looks like the real Chloe lining. But all in all, the lining is not bad for either of these Chloe replica bags.

The hardware – too light gold for the grey Chloe Drew, which makes it look cheap. I also don’t get why the turn-lock closure looks like that. It has some sorts of embellishments on the edges and on the inside part as well. Am I missing something? Because I don’t recall seeing something like that in a real Chloe Drew bag.

Chloe Drew Replica Grey – Interior Part of the Lock

The blue one has the most beautiful hardware – gold and shiny. The hardware of the real Drew should not be tarnished at all. I don’t know if it’s the light or the quality of the pictures, but the hardware of the black Chloe Drew replica doesn’t look as shiny and polished as it should.

Remember my post on the differences between a Chloe Drew bag replica and a Chloe Drew bag dupe? I’ll mention the most important difference again for those who haven’t read that article. A dupe will imitate the design of a designer bag but it will not have authenticity features such as logo stamp, serial number, logo hardware engravings and so on. A replica on the other hand should imitate any feature of the bag so that it looks as similar to the authentic as possible.

Chloe Drew Dupe vs Real

My advice would be to buy a Chloe Drew dupe instead of low-quality Chloe replica bags like the grey Chloe Drew knockoff I showed you. The stamp is so bad that anyone would be able to tell it’s a fake. And I never really saw the point of owning a cheap knockoff that anyone could spot as fake.

What I’m trying to prove with these quality comparison posts is that not all knockoff handbags are the same. I know that those of you who are familiar with replica bags already know this. But those who are newer to the replica world might still doubt it. As you can see, some of them are almost impossible to spot as fakes, while others are very obvious fakes. And it’s really important to know how to tell the good Chloe replica bags from the bad ones. And this applies to all the other brands, of course!