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Do I want robots on my handbag? Do I want pyramid studs on my handbags? Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple, because with simplicity you can get most out of fashion. So Prada purposely designed their version of the Camera Bag with a minimal look. And with such a fresh style, the bag can be easier matches with your wardrobe and it looks much more classic. Don’t you think?

The Design

I love the new Prada logo. Much more than the traditional triangle logo. This new logo has been embellished on this Camera Bag. And it’s the same logo like the one on the Monochrome Tote Bag.

The rectangle shape is lovely, but what makes you feel really comfortable is the saffiano leather. This leather is unique because only Prada Bags In Dubai can make it. The leather is one of the strongest in the world yet it feels luxurious and smooth. This Camera Bag will save you a lot of maintenance, care and worry.

The Camera Bag comes with a long leather shoulder strap that can be detached. The strap can be adjusted to your comfort. It’s a compact but gorgeous handbag – ideal for the casual days or work. This bag can be worn in any circumstances. So is this a good investment?

The Interior

Zip the bag open to find the interior. You will find one main compartment, with a slot pocket and several card slots.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 4.5’ x 7’ x 2’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $850 USD, €690 EUR, £650 GBP.

Where To Shop This Camera Bag Bag?

1. MyTheresa – a lot of colors are available here…

2. Luisa Via Roma – check other styles via here…

3. SSENSE – a few camera bags can be found here…

4. Farfetch – shop via the boutiques around the world…

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I really like this tote. As soon as I found it in person, I took it from its dustbag and just felt the leather, since Prada Bags Qatar makes very great soft leather. I believe so a lot of us are used to the new popular Saffiano leather, which is lasting and good, but Prada soft leathers deserve more love and attention. The Prada Cahier Soft (Cahier is the French word for notebook–its pronunciation is like ‘Kanye’ without the ‘N’) looks old French laptops, with intricate hardware detailing in the corners and centre latch closure. The bag does look like a notebook, which I find fitting because like a private notebook, our luggage frequently hold our secrets.I adore the design of this bag, but I also really love the size. I find numerous bags which are a bit too big or too little, but the Cahier Soft is completely just perfect. You can see that the interior is meticulously planned with two compartments, each having a pocket, and the front includes a magnetic snap and the back has a zipper pocket. The Prada blue suede liner is luxurious and functions flawlessly with the supple calfskin outside. And let’s talk a bit more regarding the calfskin, which is exactly what provides the Cahier Soft its title. I read a comment a while back on a different Prada place where you stated just how much you really adore Prada calfskin and desire we’d feature it more. I wholeheartedly agree. Especially since having Millie, I really do look for more durable leathers that I can wipe down easily, but I also don’t need my bag to feel overly practical at every moment. Part of the reason I love bags is because they’re intended to change my outfit and feel like a focal point, and fantastic leather is a massive part in that. Of course you can also opt for the black leather, that would not show wear as much as white, but doesn’t the snowy look so crisp?