Prada Elektra Bag Replica Bags Buyers Guide



Box pochette, diagramme quilting and now buckle-studded strap, it really never gets boring at Prada. And today, they have a wide variation of different handbag styles, more than we can collect. Still, we hope they will bring back the classic Saffiano Lux Tote one day, the bag that we love so dearly. But anyways, meet the new Prada Elektra Bag.

The Design


Prada is challenging all fields of fashion, but aren’t they trying to do a bit too much? The pyramid studs on the Elektra Bag do remind me of the Valentino, especially the red colored handbag.

The Elektra Bag is made with a mix of calf and saffiano leather. Both leathers are durable, especially the saffiano, which is unbreakable. The studs have been embellished in different parts; first on the center buckle strap, but also on the handles. The front features a flap with push-lock clasp and you can sling it on the shoulder as it comes with a removable leather strap.

It’s a chic bag with tremendous space in the interior. And it can function as a great everyday bag, blending with casual clothing.

The Interior


So how does the inside of this bag looks like? There are two compartments and one zipped pocket. Both are big enough to help you transport all your basic needs and there is even space for more.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 4.2’ x 7.2’ x 10.2’ (D x H x W) inches, priced at $2840 USD, €2200 EUR, £1990 GBP, ¥346680 JPY.

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I love this bag keeps its shape no matter how much or little it is got hiding indoors, and when it gets full it doesn’t puff out or look like it’s going to burst. The quilted leather is beautifully crafted, while the silver hardware and string strap dress it up a little, which makes this the perfect day-to-night afternoon crossbody bag. I managed to fit all of the items pictured above when I took this bag out for a spin, and I’m genuinely obsessed! Everything I needed for the day fit perfectly: shades in a thick bowl, a mini notebook + pencil, my iPhone 6S, a tiny zip-around pocket, a mini hand lotion and a lipstick. If I had been carrying this out at night, then I could throw out the sunglasses and easily make space for more!This bag comes with an adjustable/removeable chain strap with a leather fit for comfort near the shoulder. Inside, the bag is lined in Prada’s signature fabric lining and you will find two big slit pockets on the back inside with card slots. I love that the hardware isn’t overly large or super glossy. I looked at a different camera bag recently and was surprised at how brassy the hardware appeared in person. It turned me off of a bag I thought I adored, so I was eager to see this tiny woman in man, and I truly fell for her! Overall dimensions of the Prada Diagramme Bag are 4.5 H x 7.0 W x 2.2 D. You can sang this attractiveness in beautiful blue for $990 through Prada or pre-order other colour options via Saks for $1,050. Prada changes up things so much from 1 season to the next on its runways that I did not have some terribly specific for forecasts for what kinds of bags would stipulate that the new Spring 2018 runway, also if I had tried to guess, I would have definitely come up far short of what Prada finally put together: a fun, competitive, but not-too-serious slew of luggage with punk details, inspired by the gritty world of comic book heroines.