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When we think about the Prada Vitello Diano Bag, we like to imagine about the past iconic, like the Saffiano Lux Bag. Because we have to respect the fact that the Vitello Diano Bag has survived the good and the bad times, which is how it earned the iconic badge in the fashion world. The downsized size is even more exciting; just look how cute that baby is. Don’t you just want to carry it on your arm?

The Design

Why do we fall so deeply in love with the Vitello Diano Bag? First look at its shape, it’s a bit chubby but in a cute way. The front features the house’s logo in gold hardware but it’s reinforced with chic tag. You can carry the bag on your arm or hand by grabbing on the handles. Or you can use the multicolor long strap for shoulder carry.

Besides being small and adorable, the interior opens via a zipper. The zipper is connected to two leather straps to make it easier to open, but it also contributes to the overall look of the bag.

What’s more? The quality of the leather is very important for Prada, because we know this brand for creating strong and durable leather. This mini bag is made from such a leather, and it also feels smooth and luxurious.

The Interior


The Prada Bag Yahoo brand was made in 1913 by Mr. Mario Prada and has since become one of the most prestigious and widely-recognized brands in the style and luxury goods industries. Introduced in the 1980s, Prada’s famous black nylon bag with the signature liner logo has been a lasting classic, with both the nylon bag and the emblem becoming icons from the brand’s history.We believe the Prada brand reflects the finest of Italian culture and heritage, sophisticated design and uncompromising quality, and as one of the most innovative fashion brands we’re effective at re-defining “the standard” and setting new trends. Prada also captured the attention of literary and cinematic audiences when the publication “The Devil Wears Prada” was printed in 2003, and subsequently was made into a movie in 2006. We believe the Prada brand’s distinctive originality is built on its unique approach to design, craftsmanship and constant innovation in materials and designs, as we unceasingly exert creativity in the development of fashionable designs, sophisticated fabrics and innovative manufacturing methods.

The interior is made with one main compartment including a zip pocket for more important essentials. It’s a small bag, but very impressive, attractive and stylish. This bag will never go out of style, it has already been time-tested!

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 5.9’ x 12.2’ x 7.1’ (D x W x H) inches, priced at $1290 USD, €1090 EUR, £1970 GBP.

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